Italy was one of the first countries after China to be overwhelmed by the COVID19 pandemic.

In March and April 2020, during the first wave of coronavirus, the Italian epicenter of COVID19 has been  Lombardy.

In fact, during the first months of the year, it has been the world region with the highest number of deaths due to COVID19. This happened mainly in the early months of 2020 with over fifteen thousand victims and an entire generation of elderly people disappearing in solitude.

In March 2020, in the Lombardy hospitals, the intensive care units were saturated and the protective devices and oxygen cylinders were insufficient. Some patients were transferred to other Italian regions where the pandemic wasn't arrived yet, meanwhile the first field tents were set up to host the infected.

During the recent weeks, medical personnel overwhelmed by this new virus wave, has been trying to save as many lives as possible, but the health system has collapsed.

In April, the number of people who needed medical assistance continued to rise and thousands of nurses got infected by COVID19. This forced them to quarantine. 

Meanwhile, the Italian Army recovered hundreds of coffins that were piling up in makeshift warehouses or churches and transported the bodies to the crematoria.

A dramatic Italian history chapter told by the frontline, a chapter dense with fight against COVID19-first wave.


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